Sighing mournfully,
wind through the rigging sings of
fading summer days.

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This Haiku is related to the Elfje appearing today on my other blog at ‘Simply Elfje’. You can read it here.

Sea Sprites

Sea sprites chuckle and play
in the foamy bow-wave spray
pushed aside by our boat
as she steadily ploughs her way
through the waves.


The curving sails
gently cradle
the breeze that blows
our boat along.

Too Late?

Late Azalea
Too late? Or perhaps
too early? Azalea
mistakes the season.

Setting Sun

Sunset Rose
Late rose blooms
like the setting sun of summer,
autumn’s prelude.


Baking treats
to take to eat
when we meet
with friends for the day
while we’re away
on our yacht.


Seasons confusion;
here and there a trace
of spring blossoms out of time,
while the first hint of autumn
touches lightly on the leaves.


transformation green leaves dull
as summer days fade.


The cloying fragrance
of weeping lime trees shedding
blossom fills the street.

Fallen Angels

Sycamore seeds
scattered across the path
like many little pairs of wings
discarded by fallen angels.

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