A lovely warm spring day.
I’m off outside
without my coat today!



Spring’s harbingers.
Heads bowed shyly,
white-clad debutantes cluster.

Sounds of Spring

Sounds of Spring;
the birds sing.
Even the noise of passing cars
cannot drown their joyful song.

Spring Quotation

“Spring has returned. The Earth
is like a child that knows poems.”

Rainer Maria Rilke


Golden-headed daffodils stand,
a regimented row along the roadside,
trumpets at the ready to herald
the arrival of Spring.


No warmth in the sun.
Long shadows stretch.
Spring still grapples for grip.

False Spring

Though the day is mild and sunny
don’t be fooled by this false Spring;
the wind is still blowing from the north
and the temperature set to plummet.


Unstoppable flow,
Spring signs increasing, woken
from Winter slumber.

January Joy 20

Sunlight shining through bare branches.
Caught in the beaming spotlight
early signs of Spring’s new growth.

January Joy 19

Despite the cold
the birds are singing
songs of Spring.

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