Colour returning;
spring flowers and tree blossom.
Bird song rejoicing.

Early Signs

White tips just showing,
already snowdrops push through.
Early signs of Spring.

Step by Step

calmly progresses
step by step
while I rush about

Spring Joys

Bumble bees busy in the rockery,
insects buzzing around the trees,
birds flitting from feeders to shrubs;
my garden is full of Spring joys.


Crocuses, snowdrops,
primroses and daffodils.
Delicate spring show.


singing songs of spring,
hidden in the trees,
birds rejoicing.

Green Shoots

Walking around the garden
what do I see?
The trees may still be bare but:
green shoots of daffodils appear
and snowdrops show their first white tips.
Hope of Spring is near.


Seasons all awry;
if it wasn't for the leaves
that are beginning to turn
today could almost be Spring.


Investigating bluetits
still undecided.
Will they use my nest box here?

Is it too late now,
have they nested elsewhere
or is it still too early in the year?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Bluetits apparently have to time their nesting just right, they only have one chance in the year and must have the young hatch when the spring is well enough advanced for the caterpillars and grubs that they eat to be plentiful. This recent cold spell can’t help. Perhaps the next few weeks will make it clear if they will nest in my nest box or not, meanwhile they still keep checking it out!



Bumblebee taps on the window,
hoverfly hovers over the rockery,
ladybirds sit on the leaves of the box bush.
Insects awaken to Spring.

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