Today the sun smiles
as if yesterday’s wind and rain
had never been.
Only puddles and soggy leaves
bear witness.


January Joy 29

Raindrops twinkle in puddles
as I gaze through the window
hugging a mug of warm herbal tea.


Where once the road was flooded
now puddles and wet patches remain.
In other areas of the country
many wish they could say the same!

Raining Again

It’s raining again,
coming down hard,
it runs in the gutters
and puddles the yard.
People mutter and mumble,
beginning to doubt
(despite what they say)
that we’re suffering a drought.

Walking Home

Walking home along dusk-darkening streets
Christmas lights illuminate the gloom
and twinkling reflections in the puddles
sparkle like myriads of multicoloured gems.

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