Another Weekend

Another weekend away,
tandem our sturdy steed.
Much more relaxing with easier rides
at the York Rally.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Off again in the motorhome to a cycling event – the York Rally. Check it out at



pedals turn
quietly whispering wheels,
bright lycra flashes past.

Eroica Britannia

We have just got back from spending the weekend at the Eroica Britannia held near Buxton in Derbyshire. The three-day event is a celebration of classic bicycles, pre 1987, and all things retro-cycling.

Tandem preparationWe went up to the event on Friday and as it is only about 1.5 – 2 hour drive from home we were there by mid-morning. We chose not to camp at the festival site as we thought this was rather expensive and so were on a quite site up the road a bit (much cheaper). When we first booked a few months ago my husband said it would be 3 miles to the festival site. As the event approached the 3 became 4 miles but in the eventuality it turned out to be 5+ miles with a couple of steep hills to contend with on the way!

Friday was also Day 7 of our ‘7 Days of Cycling’ challenge so we needed to get a ride in.  We had taken our tandem as well as our classic bikes and used this to pedal down to the festival and back in order to register for the Sunday Classic Bike ride. This proved to be quite a tough ride! The photo shows my husband preparing the tandem. We spent a couple of hours having a quick look round before pedalling back. We just got back before it rained.

It rained off and on all night and much of Saturday morning but cleared by late morning so off we went again on the tandem to enjoy the festival. It was a cool day though I soon warmed up on the hilly route down to the festival site. The steep hills on this route were beginning to worry me that I might not manage the classic ride we had signed up for. There were three to choose from: 100 miles, 60 miles and 30 miles. We had registered for the 30 mile ride but even so I was anticipating continuous steep hill climbs and I’m not over fond of hills. Once we were at the festival there was much to see, stalls with bike bits, whole bikes, craft stalls, best in show competitions for bikes, fancy dress etc. and a fun-fair to name but a few. There were so many bikes around and so much going on that I completely forgot to take any photos, I even missed the penny farthings. We returned to the motorhome in the late afternoon and had no sooner got the tandem on its bike rack when it began to rain again.

At the start of the Classic ride

At the start of the Classic ride

Once more it rained intermittently overnight. We had an early start in the morning as we needed to cycle up hill and down dale yet again to get to the event ready for a 9.30 ride start (the longer routes started even earlier). I was having cold feet and finding the route to the festival really tough! Once we were underway however I found the ride, while not easy, not as tough as I had feared, but it was definitely a challenge. I’m pleased to say I wasn’t the only one by a long way that got off and walked up some of the steeper hills, even some of the men got off and walked before I did. There was also far more of the ride on gravelly tracks than we had expected (we knew there would be some) and this makes for some challenging conditions as the tyres slide away from you over the stones. A fair bit of walking was done on these bits too.

Lunch stop

Lunch stop

Half way round there was an extremely well organised lunch stop, complete with an excellent brass band to entertain us and a free packed lunch with loads of water, beer, iced coffee, fruit drinks or whatever you fancied to choose from to drink. At the finish we were greeted with our names announced over loudspeakers to clapping from the spectators and yet more bottles of water to rehydrate us. We got our ‘Road Books’ stamped up, (having collected stamps at the start and the lunch stop) and were also rewarded with a free beer. As I don’t usually drink beer I gave mine to my son on our return home.

This was a very well organised event with a very friendly atmosphere. We did our good turns along the way by lending an Allen Key to one chap to fix his wobbly saddle and a bicycle pump to another chap who needed to mend a puncture and I’m sure many others did similar good turns. It was not an overly warm day and although most people dressed up in era style clothing the effect was slightly lost due to the need to wrap up warm, but there were some in ‘fancy dress’ or tweeds and brogues and ladies in 1920’s style dresses braving the cool weather. We, of course, still had our taxing 5+ miles back to our motorhome to contend with. The rain had managed to stay away during the ride but once more returned just as we were putting the bikes back on the bike rack. We were cold and tired and welcomed a restful evening with the heater on!

This was the first time we have done this event and we thoroughly enjoyed it although we are not at this stage sure if we will do it again. Even my husband found it quite challenging, having to use his angina ‘puffer’ rather more frequently than usual, but it is great to be able to say we did it. Next weekend we are off again on another cycling adventure. This time to the York Rally, a much less taxing event we understand. I’ll let you know how we get on.


7 Day Challenge Day 6

Yes, I know this isn’t a normal day for me to post and I am not posting a ‘small stone’ today, I just wanted to update you with Day 6 of the Cycling UK 7 Days of Cycling Challenge.

Setting off alone Day 6

Setting Off Alone Day 6

We are off tomorrow for the weekend at the Eroica Britannia classic bike festival and I will be off-line until our return on Monday. This doesn’t mean we will miss out on our Day 7 ride as we will be riding on our tandem (yes we’re taking that as well as our classic bikes!) from the campsite to the festival and back, probably about 8 miles in all, and we’ll do it again on Saturday. We will then have to do it yet again on Sunday with the classic bikes in order get to the start of our 30 mile ride over the Derbyshire hills and dales; I just won’t be able to report it until next week!


Chain Ring Tattoo

Chain Ring Tattoo

Day 6 (today) was simply a chance to spin the pedals round briefly and not miss out a challenge day. Our excuse is that we had a busy day and were short of time. We needed to go to the grocers, pack for the weekend and load up the motorhome. Hubby’s ride was only down to the local Pharmacy and back to pick up his prescription while I went out later on my own, just a jolly round a short local loop. Somehow I seem to have acquired a ‘tattoo’ on the short trip (probably while checking the stats on my bike computer on my return). I did about 3.5 miles, that’s all. We’ll be making up for it with longer rides over the weekend at The Eroica Britannia Festival.

Cycling Challenge

Day 4 Scenary

Day 4 Scenery

A challenge to pedal
seven days in a row.
One to five done,
just two more to go!

Day 5 Selfie

Day 5 Selfie

Yesterday we did about 8 miles, today only 7. Distance is not important it is all about getting out on the bike and we have a mega ride coming up at the weekend.

National Bike Week

This is National Bike Week, from 9th -17th June (I make that more than a week, but I guess it is to encompass both weekends). There are many activities going on up and down the country to get people out on their bikes though sadly not much in my area.

However Cycling UK, of which my husband and I are members, are running a ‘7 Days of Cycling’ ( challenge and we have decided to participate in this. The idea is that you ride your bike on each of seven days and the trips don’t have to be heroic, it could just be a short ride to the shops or to visit a friend. You are then requested to post pictures of your rides on social media – Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Since I only do Facebook that is where mine go.

Bikes with Copmere through the trees

At Copmere (through the trees!)

Day 1 (Saturday) we just did a short ‘warm-up’ ride of 5 miles, round what we call the Pershall Loop which takes us via a local lake, Copmere. You can just about see the water through the trees in the photo of my hubby and our bikes. These are our modern road bikes and as you can see from the need for arm warmers it was a bit chilly first thing in the morning when we went out!

Day 2 (yesterday) saw us decide to go to find some better water to photograph and took us to Bromley Reservoir. This time we decided to go out on our tandem. We have only visited this spot way out in the countryside once before. Although it is only a 17 mile round trip you will see from the photo that it was necessary to take a map – those country lanes are not always signposted. (The trouble with sitting on the back seat of the tandem is that my view is somewhat restricted as you can see in the photo!) There is an old water-mill on the opposite side of the road past the reservoir and the water  runs through a ‘race’ under the road.

Tandem at Bromley Reservoir

Tandem at Bromley Reservoir

Stoker's View

Stoker’s View!








Day 3 (today) – no special scenery today, just a 10 mile jolly round the lanes. We are doing the Eroica Britannia at the weekend, a festival for classic road-racing bikes (of which more next week) so we went out on classic bikes today. My husband rode my old Motobecane, which is not the bike he will use for the Eroica  but which he has adopted, and I rode my Henry Burton, which I will be using, in order to check it out. As the photo shows it was a good job I had my personal mechanic with me as minor adjustments to the gear change mechanism were needed – mind you I’m not sure it is a lot better now. It ‘jumps’ in and out of gear in top gear, which means I try to use that gear as little as possible. I’m just glad it isn’t bottom gear! Once home again we also decided I needed new break blocks so a trip to a local bike shop was then in order – hopefully I will now be able to stop when necessary.

Running Repairs

Personal Mechanic at work!

Henry Burton and Me

Henry Burton and Me









We are not planning to do very great distances for any of our rides this week, yesterday’s 17 miles will probably be our maximum, as we want to be sure we have sufficient energy for the ride out in the hilly Derbyshire countryside at the Eroica – this three-day festival will be a fitting end to our 7 days of cycling challenge, bringing our total to 9 days by my reckoning.


falls steadily.
Birds line up along the fence
waiting for the feeders
to be filled. Oblivious.


out in the garden,
bright sunlight dazzling
the creamy-white pages of my book.
I step inside,

Taking Time For Your Writing…and the Guilt That Comes With It

Oh yes, that familiar guilty feeling when you do what YOU want! . . .

A Writer's Path

by Lauren Sapala

If you’re a writer—and especially if you’re a writer who isn’t bringing in a significant (or any) amount of income from your writing—then you probably struggle with feeling guilty a lot of the time. I know I do. Because you see, I’m not just a writer. I’m also a wife and a mother and a good friend to a few wonderful people. I work a day job and I have a side business that I pour my all into. Simply put: I wear a lot of hats. I have a lot of other people counting on me.

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Haul Out

I have previously mentioned here that we are selling our boat. Having owned various boats over the years we are now hanging up our oilskins to go roaming in our motorhome instead. In March I wrote about our final trip when we sailed round from our long-term home port to the marina where our yacht broker is situated. (You can refresh yourselves about it here.) At the time they were not able to haul the boat out of the water and onto the hard-standing so we knew we would have to go down again before too long to finish up cleaning and clearing out the boat.

‘Red Dawn IV’ has at last been taken out of the water and we are going down tomorrow for several days to sort it all out, although we may still need to go down from time to time  to check it over and keep it spotless.

While we are away I may or may not have a great deal of access to the Internet. There is WiFi at the marina but it can be unreliable so if I do not post anything over the next week don’t be surprised. If I can I will, but no promises. Normal service should resume next week!

In the meantime, if you are interested to find out all about our boat we have set up a little website to assist with the selling where there are plenty of photos. Check out

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