Winter Trees

Now once bare Winter trees
gradually and with practised ease
adorn themselves with fresh new leaves.

Dare I Believe

it is warm
and the sun is shining.
Dare I believe that Winter 
has now finally

Border Skirmishes

Winter and Spring.
Border skirmishes;
the ebb and flow of battle.
I predict a win for Spring -

Winter Fights Back

Thin ice shimmers
on the mini pond.
Minute snowflakes
float down like dust.
Biting cold
nips my fingers
as I fill the bird feeders.
Winter fights back.


Slow thaw now complete.
No sign of snow anywhere.
I drive into town.

John Clare Quotation

"With sudden stir the startled forest sings
Winter's returning song..."

John Clare (1793-1864) - of the UK's greatest nature poets.


A bright winter's day.
White clouds sweep briskly across
cold azure blue sky.


Winter settles in.
Time to rest and reflect on
what the future holds.


Blue-tits flit quickly
back and forth to the feeders,
filling their little bodies
against the cold,
as the year slows down
for the long sleep of winter.


Dull, dank days,
creeping cold;
November rolls headlong
towards winter.

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