Hair Cut

The cherry tree
has had a hair cut.

Now it looks as forlorn
as a newly shorn sheep.

But when the Spring comes
with its new leaves and blossom
the scars will be forgotten.


Strong winds have all but stripped
the leaves from the cherry tree.
Like the fledgling pigeon
they have now flown free,
and I am left feeling bereft
like the bare branches of the tree.

Late Brood

A pair of wood pigeons
have built their flimsy nest,
for a late brood,
in a crook of the cherry tree.

Do they not know
that soon the leaves will fall,
strong winds will blow?

And then they’ll see
it doesn’t pay to build
a flimsy nest so late
in a crook of the cherry tree.


Cherry Tree

pair in
the cherry tree
draw my attention to

Still Air

Washing hangs limply
in the still air.
I watch as from the cherry tree
a lone leaf drops.

Cherry Tree

The trunk of the cherry tree
steams in the morning sunlight
after a day of rain
and a night of frost.

January Joy 18

Searching for joy,
what can I see?
A bright breasted robin
in the bare cherry tree
flit down to the feeder,
grab just one seed,
then into the hedge
at remarkable speed.


All of a sudden
cherry tree blossom
bursts like puff-balls
along the branches.

Summer Blush

Cherries forming on the tree
begin to show their summer blush.
Soon the birds will feast.


In the cherry tree
the birds begin to gather,
checking that the coast is clear,
then dropping in for dinner.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have just heard that I have won first prize in a member’s only poetry competition run by The Salopian Poetry Society – my first win ever! I just had to share the news. The poem has not been posted on the site yet but should be up there soon.

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