Stripped Bare

Bones stripped bare, bleached white,
beast slain by the riverside;
once mighty oak tree.


Taking a break for two or three weeks. Posts as usual on Simply Elfje.


A wilderness of summer green
provides a screen between
the house, the tamed garden
and the main road,
traffic heard but not seen.

Go Slow

Broadband on go slow;
and so much to do!

Stop Go

Same journey, there
and back, twice today,
through the road works,
the several sets of traffic lights,
stop go all the way.

Evening Meal

himself to
evening meal left
out for stray cat;

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This Elfje also appears today on my other blog “Simply Elfje”, you can read it here.

Just Py

Today I met Pythagoras,
my son and family’s new puppy.
Perhaps one day he will grow
into his name, but for now
he is just Py.


Just me in an empty house.
Family scattered like leaves in the wind.
A forlorn sun attempts to smile.

First Day

the first day of summer;
and yet it seems
winter has returned.


Cold, wet and windy yet again.
When will summer come?
The first red rose buds answer —

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