Just wanted to let you know that I shall be off-line until about this time next week.


With fleeting footsteps summer flies
away from ever greying skies
and winds that bluster through the trees
sent swaying, gripping tightly leaves
that all too soon will turn to brown
when autumn comes and flutter down
in circling spirals to lie forlorn,
a soggy carpet on the lawn,
while we dream of summer days
glimpsed through autumn’s damp, dark haze.

© Elizabeth Leaper


Technology is wonderful —
when it works;
annoyingly frustrating
when it doesn’t!

Birthday Card

I dream I am writing
a birthday card.
Whose have I forgotten?

Ways to Live

“There are two ways to live:
you can live as if nothing is a miracle;
you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

Albert Einstein


Another new notebook. This one has on its cover:

“Only life’s little notebook has the answers.”

One with a special use already in mind – it seemed appropriate for my experiments in dream recording and is already in use! So far no useable plots but it’s early days yet.

House of Dreams

Book Cover I have just finished reading this amazing book by Jenny Alexander. It is full of tips on activating your imagination by recalling your dreams and using them in your writing to help create characters, scenes and even whole plots. I shall certainly be giving it a go.

To read a full review of this book, which is available from Amazon in print or as an e-book, go to:


A few days ago I bought a new notebook. Not because I needed one, I already have several unused in stock! I bought this one because it jumped out at me – on the front cover were the words:

“Writing is thinking on paper.”

Small Steps

Small steps forward
lead to success.
Feeling my way patiently,
one step at a time.

Back in Business

No ‘stone’ today. I just wanted to say I am back in business. I have a new laptop and am still in the process of setting it up and getting used to how it all works – things take twice as long! The good news is I now have my ‘Reader’ back so I will finally be able to catch up with all I have missed. See you soon.

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