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Lone Wolf

Silver moon-lit night,
wind low-moaning through the trees.
Plaintiff lone wolf howls.

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Golden Carpet

A golden carpet;
leaves covering the green grass,
hiding it from view.


Frustration; stuck
in traffic jams at road-works
and in queues at check-outs,
shopping in town.
So much time wasted.

A Week

A week when time
is in short supply,
with far too much to do
and energy very low!

Years Fly

Jelly and ice-cream!
My grandson’s fifth birthday.
How the years fly by.

Going AWOL

Going AWOL for the week.
Back next week.


Shadows stretch,
sun retreats,
days shorten,
summer fades.


Today is cooler than expected.
I go out without a coat,
tell myself;
walk briskly, stay in the sun.
Clouds float by, teasing –
oh no you won’t!


Across the window pane
a spider spins her web,
inwardly spiralling,
precisely positioning
each and every thread.

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