All of a sudden
cherry tree blossom
bursts like puff-balls
along the branches.

A View

They’re cutting down trees
a few gardens away.
Does it spoil or improve
the view? I can’t say.
But now I wish I knew
what the birds will do
to tuck themselves away.


Watching traffic; queueing,
slow-moving. Somewhere
up the road I’m guessing
there are roadworks.

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Green Shoots

Green shoots
appear along bare branches;
noticeable at last.


No coat.
Today I went out


After a cool, misty start,
a glorious spring day.
The magnolia rejoices.

Making Way

Moving furniture,
making way for new carpet;
Spring refurbishment.


A jar of rescued daffodils
collected from the roadside,
bent, battered and broken stemmed,
ravaged by wind and rain,
now cheerfully revived.


Drab winter slowly yields.
Snowdrops fade, crocus come and go,
all around new growth erupts
and over all the daffodil
trumpets in triumph.


Almost, but not quite;
Magnolia buds waiting to burst
when the time is right.

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