Feeling Guilty

Fed up with all this rain,
with trees to plant and ground too wet;
but feeling guilty for these feelings
while Australia burns.

Cycling Uphill

Cycling uphill
against a strong head-wind
is not much fun;
but ultimately satisfying
when you roll down the other side.


Grey clouds race northwards.
Trees wave as they hurry by,
fleeing ahead of storm Brendan
following in hot pursuit.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Brendan is the name given by the Irish Met. Office to the storm forecast to batter the UK today.

Burning Land

This burning land —
when will it end?
Though half a globe away
I cannot bare it.


This can’t be right.
Although we might be pleased
the weather is so mild
shouldn’t we be worried
that our winter isn’t cold?

Fresh Start

Turning a new page,
a blank sheet for a fresh start.
Planning and dreaming.

New Year Greetings

Happy New Year

With every good wish for the coming year

to all my readers and their families.

Seasons Greetings

A Christmas Acrostic

Carol SIngers


Carol singers
Hurry to huddle
Round the hearth.
Invited in from
Snow covered paths to
Thaw cold fingers, toes and
Munch mincepies,
After they have
Sung a song for Christmas.




With very best wishes for the Christmas season and the New Year to all my readers.

Brief Visit

Caen Hill Locks

Caen Hill Locks

Last week we went for a brief visit down to the West Country. We should have gone about a month ago, as we needed to go down to Falmouth in Cornwall on some personal business but circumstances prevented it.

On that occasion we would have been away for a couple of weeks, but this time could only spare one week due to other commitments, hence it was a rather packed week. However we did manage to stop for a few days on a camp site near Devizes by the Kennet and Avon Canal and cycle part of the tow-path including the famous flight of locks at Caen Hill, pictured above.

I had originally hoped we would be able to visit near-by Avebury and its sacred landscape as I have never been there before but unfortunately we could not spare the time, so that is one place still on the ‘bucket list’. Stonehenge, which is also in the area, I have visited two or three times in the past, before it became quite so commercialised so missing this was no hardship.

One way and another this year has turned out rather hectic and there is no promise of let up for the next couple of months. It has been increasingly difficult for me to find the time to post on this blog and still do the various other things I would like to find time to do. I was glad of the break away last week even though we were rushing from one end of the country to the other – after leaving the West Country we headed straight over to Essex for a lunch gathering with friends there before finally heading home.

Not having to write posts for the blog while we were away was a relief and I hadn’t realised just how stressful it had become constantly thinking of the need to post something. This has focused my mind a little and I have decided to take a bit of breathing space and step away from the blog for a while. Therefore this will be my last post this side of Christmas. I will review the situation and see how I am fixed to return in the New Year.

I thank all my readers who have followed me faithfully over the years, many of you have become friends and I thank you all as well for the comments you have left here.

I will probably drop by at Christmas with appropriate seasonal greetings and let you know what will happen for the future. I shall still be on Facebook for those of you who also join me there, but here, for now, it is goodbye. I wish you all well and will perhaps see you back here in the New Year.


Popped In

Just popped in
to let you know
I’ll be off-line
for a week or so!

See you again the week after next.

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