It’s back-breaking work
digging new ground for planting,
but so rewarding.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Being unable to go abroad for our usual spring trip and in view of the current circumstances we are extending our small vegetable patch this year. Looking forward to more fresh produce!


Alone on my bike;
my permitted exercise.
For how much longer?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I went out for a bike ride this morning and was pleased to note that, in my neighbourhood at least, people are now obeying the Lockdown rules. At the moment we are allowed one trip out daily for exercise, either alone or in company with another family member, but things may change. The few walkers and other cyclists I saw I was able to give a wide berth. There was not much traffic on the road and thankfully most gave me a lot of room when overtaking as the road was clear – apart from one idiot, who despite having plenty of room to overtake, decided he ought to have my bit of the road and passed only a few inches away. There’s always one!

Oh No, Never

Oh never tell a Brit what to do,
he’ll think that he knows better than you.
Tell him to stay at home
and he’s duty bound to roam.
Oh never tell a Brit what to do.

Oh never give a Brit good advice,
he’ll totally ignore it in a trice.
Tell him to stay inside?
To comply he can’t abide.
Oh never, never, never,
not ever, no, not ever
even try to give a Brit good advice!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
A touch of sarcasm in view of the stupidity of my fellow countrymen (and women) over the weekend bearing in mind the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic!


Dancing in sunshine
with breeze-blown gay abandon;
washing on the line.

On Hold

Life on hold;
time to take stock,
consider priorities,
find inner resources.

Such Joy

So the shelves are bare
how the sun shines,
the birds sing,
the flowers bloom;
such joy to share.


Sunshine and showers;
weather up and down
like my mood.

Sweet Treats?

Crow pecks at
fallen daffodil bloom.
Finding something to eat?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I have probably mentioned before that we have a lovely grassy bank on the other side of the road opposite our house. It boasts several trees and in the spring it has a wonderful display of daffodils. From time to time I go and pick up those that have been broken off, giving them a chance of a slightly longer life by putting them in a vase of water. I collected a few this morning but left one that was beyond hope on the ground. Later when I went out I noticed a crow pecking at it and appearing to eat. I had no idea crows exhibited this sort of behaviour and wonder what it was eating!


Stafford, my county town and only 9 miles or so from where I live, is holding its first ‘LitFest’ (Literary Festival) this year and hopes to make it an annual event.

It is being held on 18th April at the Stafford Gatehouse Theatre and will include all sorts of literature related ‘happenings’ – guest authors from all genres, talks on anything from creative writing to book marketing, question and answer sessions, open mic etc. – together with book signings and book stalls.

I have been invited to have a stall there to sell my books. This happened completely by chance, one of those serendipitous opportunities. I would not have applied for a stall as I know I wouldn’t sell enough books to cover the cost of the table and still make a profit for the charity my sales support. However I did enter the writing competition asociated with this event, submitting a couple of poems (the winners to be announced on the day). The entry could be made by hand, which I did and, to cut a long story short, this led to me having a brief meeting with one of the organisers a week or so later (not a competition judge I assure you) and during the conversation I mentioned that I had published some books which I sold in aid of The Donna Louise Trust, a local children’s hospice. She then asked me if I would like to have a table at the LitFest and they would waive the fee for the table as it was in aid of charity. So of course I jumped at the chance!

There will be a meeting at the theatre later this month which I have been invited to attend in order to meet other people involved and to see the space available so it is all rather exciting for me. I have had to order some more stock of my ‘Simply Elfjie’ book as I am down to only one spare copy but I still have plenty of my other books and who knows, other selling opportunies may arise from my participation. As for my competition entries? Well I have no great expectation of winning, I just wanted to support the event in the hope that there will be sufficient interest for it to truly become an annual event.




out weeds,
while perched nearby,
waiting for grubs, watching;

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