Between rain showers
patchy blue sky and sunshine.
So Autumn begins.


singing merrily
in holly tree,
hidden among the branches.


The season turns.
The first russet leaves,
encouraged by the wind,
make a bid for freedom.


In my dream the snows have come,
dancing lightly, like fairies,
on the leaves of the holly.


The breeze sings its song
through the trees
while I strain my ears to hear
the tale it tells, that wins,
with a rustle of leaves,
a round of applause.


Super industrious squirrel,
back and forth
collecting walnuts from the tree,
seeking to bury them
in the lawn.


Harvesting plums;
some to freeze, some to eat 
and some to make into jam.
Soon it will be the turn
of the damsons.
Mother Nature's bounty.


Finally face-to-face.
Poetry Group meeting
yesterday afternoon.
After all this time
it's good to be back.

Summer Ends

Summer ends,
an autumnal chill is in the air.
We stack the log shed
for winter warmth.

The Hare

The hare sitting erect
at the side of the road
as I cycled closer
turned out to be
a length of plastic
wrapped round a tree stump.

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