Afternoon baking;
first time for quite a long while.
Oh what a delight.

Green Fingers

I love a tidy garden.
Mine always looks a mess;
I haven’t got green fingers
nor take the time I guess.
Oh, the plants are thriving
but so are all the weeds,
can’t bring myself to pull them up
until they’ve spread their seeds.
Their flowers are so pretty
I leave them all too long
and next year twice as many
will round my garden throng!


golden fairy chandeliers;
the laburnum keeps its promise.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is a follow on from ‘Promise of Gold’ which you can read here.

Newly Green

How lush and newly green,
how fast the grass grows
when you go away for a few days
and so much rain falls.


Fluffy clouds scud across the sky
like a scattered flock of sheep.
Soon more sheep gather growing fast,
until you cannot tell one sheep from another,
from horizon to horizon they cover
in one vast fluffy flock,

Black Feather

One perfect satin-smooth black feather
on the path before my feet.
Good fortune or bad omen?
I let it lie.

Promise of Gold

Sugar-plum fairy crab-apple
blossoms begin to fade.
But look at the laburnum branches,
tipped with promise of gold.


Election fever has bitten.
First came the debates,
now they’ll debate the conclusion
for the next few weeks!

Wet and Windy

Wet and windy weather.
Cherry blossoms cling
to swaying branches.
Petals shaken free
fall like springtime snow.


Spring’s lush growth
has overtaken my garden;
weeds among the flowers.

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