Mobile phone no longer fully functional.
Spent the day researching a new one.

If Only…

Sitting at the kitchen table
setting the world to rights.
If only it were that simple!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Having written this I suddenly thought of the wonderful poem 'Perhaps the World Ends Here' by Joy Harjo, a Native American poet, storyteller and musician. If you would like to read it check it out via Google.


Trampled and broken
wayside daffodils rescued.
Sunshine in a vase.


Colour returning;
spring flowers and tree blossom.
Bird song rejoicing.


. . . . . . strong winds
. . . . . . the trees.
. . . . . . bucks and sways.


Night snow and strong winds.
Morning sun melt leaves behind
scattered twigs debris.

Winter Fights Back

Thin ice shimmers
on the mini pond.
Minute snowflakes
float down like dust.
Biting cold
nips my fingers
as I fill the bird feeders.
Winter fights back.


heavy snowfall
forecasters tell us.
So far no sign.


Walking past the florist's shop
a call behind caused me to stop
and turn around to find 
the florist rushing up,
a bunch of flowers in hand.

She held them out to me and said
"excuse me, would you like these?" 
 I looked into her eyes, amazed.
"Really?" I replied. 
"I can't sell them in the shop you see,
they have opened up too much.
Do take them, please."

I took them from her outstretched hand.
"Thank you very much," I said, 
"that's very kind," I smiled, delighted,
as she turned and walked away.
She had made my day.

Last Minute

Last minute
trimming the Leylandii hedge
before the nesting season
prevents it.

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