Bumble Bee

bumble bee,
no obvious reason,
on our picnic table.


While riding my bike
it sometimes amuses
to scan the hedge bases,
looking for smeuses

and the tell-tail signs,
the pushed aside grasses
marking a trail where
an animal passes.

Those gaps in the hedge
that small mammals use
the country-folk named -
they called it a smeuse.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I have always loved words, the sound of them, their use in rhyme and the fun of playing with them, especially an old word that is not often used – they need bringing back to life; if we don’t use them then they will be lost and language will be the poorer for such losses. Smuese is one such word, which I have come across from time to time and I just love the sound of it. Isn’t it fun to have a special name for the highways through hedges that little animals use?


Evening visitors;
bats flitting around the yard.
Where do they come from?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Bats regularly flit around the back of our house in the evening but I have absolutely no idea where their home is!


Rogue sapling of a hazel nut tree
growing in the rockery,
no doubt planted by a squirrel.

I dig it out, roots and all,
pot it in mixed compost and loam
ready to find a more suitable home.

Old Gnome

Like a gnarled old gnome,
as still as a stone,
patient, alone,

in his grey cloak,
as silent as smoke,
not a word has he spoke,

hunkered down at the edge
of the pond by the hedge,
on a tree-rooted ledge,

he waits . . . on and on,
and still he waits on;

They Think It’s All Over

Well I’m back from a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend in the Derbyshire Dales with our motorhome and our tandem. What beautiful countryside, with rough pastures full of buttercups, dry stone walls and verges full of wild flowers – much of it the ubiquitous Cow Parsley or as we called it when I was a child, Mother Die, but others were in evidence as well. Swallows flitted all around our camping field and I even spotted a curlew standing statue-still only a few yards from the road as we were cycling along. There were also plenty of hills and steep-sided woodlands rising up from the lanes beside us. I haven’t yet had time to download any photos from my camera so nothing to share I’m afraid.

One minor problem of the weekend is that we found that the whistling kettle that we use on the gas cooker (we had no electric hook-up so relied on the gas) was in serious danger of losing it’s handle which had nearly detached itself. The meant that we had to cycle into the lovely little town of Bakewell to buy a new one – this was Bank Holiday Saturday. What a mistake! The town was jam-packed with visitors (okay, so were we visitors too!), very few masks and no social distancing in evidence. It seems that, since everything is due to open up later this month all being well, the majority think it is all over already. The same problem was true of the off-road Monsal Trail that we rode along to get to Bakewell and back again – crowded, no social-distancing or masks. At least we found a kettle after spending quite a long time looking for a shop that could sell us one and being sent on some wild goose chases when we stopped to ask! I may have had both jabs but I’m still not comfortable with a quick return to so called ‘normality’.

This was however a minor hiccup, the weekend was most enjoyable and out and about on the country lanes we were virtually alone (except for passing traffic). We kept away from the popular places where crowds would gather. By gum, it’s hilly up there though and we were glad of our electric assist!


I shall be off-line for a few days; away for the Bank Holiday weekend. I should be back next Tuesday so will catch up again then.

If Only

only I
had green fingers,
then my garden would

More Rain

and still more rain.
Will it never end?

Between showers I rush
to do small jobs

Clear Out

Time to throw some books away,
from Bonsai Trees to Chinese Feng Shui
and others that have had their day,
like the two on crafting Macrame.
Which can go and which will stay?
It's so very hard to say!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

We are finally re-decorating our living room after putting it off for long enough. As we need a new carpet we will have to move all the furniture out soon - and that also means two big bookcases full of books, floor to almost ceiling, on which the books are frequently stacked two deep! So we have decided it's time to have a clear out and get rid of those we no longer need or use (hubby is as much a magpie as I am) - what a nightmare!

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