Morning meditation;
unwelcome thoughts intrude,
jolt me back into the day.


Crow glides in to land
on my neighbour’s roof;
coincidence or omen?


Cat on the hearth
drying her fur,
as fed up with the rain
as we are!

Mixed Feelings

Buzz of the chainsaw felling my neighbour’s tree,
covered in ivy and past it’s time,
allowing more light to reach our garden.
Mixed feelings.


in all its gory
detail –

road kill
3 foxes, 1 badger,

in the space
of a few


Thank you for joining me for my Joyful January challenge. Now it has come to an end I am reverting to my pre-challenge post pattern of Small Stones on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

January Joy 31

Joyful January:
achievement –
challenge completed!

January Joy 30

Looking forward to lunching
with old friends today,
good company.

January Joy 29

Raindrops twinkle in puddles
as I gaze through the window
hugging a mug of warm herbal tea.

January Joy 28

Patch of blue;
an ocean of dreams
in a grey sky.

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