Knitting in bed?
How decadent
and surprisingly difficult!

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I often read in bed for a short while in the morning while drinking coffee however I finished my latest book yesterday and didn’t want to start another straight away, so I decided to do some knitting instead but I actually found it quite awkward.


Strong winter winds have blown
twigs and branches from the trees;
free firewood to keep us warm.


Sun, snow, wind, rain.
On the merry-go-round again!

Ruffled Feathers

Usually immaculate pigeon,
breast feathers ruffled
like a scarf.

Lone Snowdrop

A lone snowdrop
pushes through the paving slabs.
How did that get there?


Whatever happened to daylight —
mid-morning and the lights are on,
but the north-west is looking bright,
could dark clouds soon be gone?

Grey Day

Grey, damp and drizzly.
Even the birds have ceased to sing
the joys of the awakening spring.

Poor Chloe

Poor Chloe, my cat, is off her food
and has a gurgling tummy.
All she wants is time asleep
and lots of cuddles from mummy.


A walk around
the garden finds
the first signs;
new buds abound.


Resilient snowdrops,
drooped with frost this morning,
now perk up their heads once more.

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