Back Again – Or Not!

Well I am back after a wonderful long weekend away with the tandem at the Tandem Club National Rally near Oxford. The weather was glorious for the time of year and I even caught the sun before remembering to slap on the sun scream cream. We managed about 124 miles over four rides around roads, lanes and tracks.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that I may not be around much over the next few weeks as I have rather a lot on. First my brother-in-law, who is moving back to the UK from Portugal is staying with us while sorting out the purchase of a retirement apartment a few miles from our home. Although an offer has been accepted on an apartment and this is proceeding it could take some time and it is always difficult to find time to do your own thing when you have a house guest!

Secondly, my poetry group has produced collections of poems by members from time-to-time over the years, often for special occasions. We have decided to produce one for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and I will be editing it as our previous editor is not at all well and is no longer a member of the group. I shall need to get on with the job over the next couple of weeks so that it can be with the printer in time for it to be produced for the Platinum Celebrations in early June – and I haven’t even written my own contribution yet! The deadline for contributions by our members is 30th April so I must try to comply with my own rules. Most of be available spare time will be spent on this project.

I will drop in when I find the time but this may be infrequently until at least the middle of May.

Easter Break

I’m taking a short break over the Easter weekend but will be back in the middle of next week. I wish you all a Happy Easter.

Step by Step

calmly progresses
step by step
while I rush about


At first I hear them mewling,
then I see them circling
against the backdrop of white cloud
in a blue sky.


Leaving the grocery store
without a coat I'm caught
in a sudden downpour.
I make a dash for the car.


red splash;
colourful garden shrub
on a grey day.

Sunshine and Snow

(With apologies to the well-known song....)

The sun is a-shining,
you hang out the washing
and hey-ho, look at it snow.
You bring in the washing
because is is snowing
and hey-ho, see the sun shine!


Early out on the bike,
ahead of the weather.
Now drinking warm coffee
waiting for the rain.

Spring Joys

Bumble bees busy in the rockery,
insects buzzing around the trees,
birds flitting from feeders to shrubs;
my garden is full of Spring joys.


Magnificent Magnolia,
buds slowly developing
over several weeks,
suddenly bursts into bloom.

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