ground covering
blanket fell overnight,
creating a winter wonderland.

Apart from a brief flurry before Christmas, that didn’t settle as the ground was too wet and soon returned to rain, this is the first snow we have had this winter. I’m so glad to see it, such a necessary part of winter. Already some has melted in the weak sunshine but we may get some more later today or again overnight.



Keeping me awake
overnight; how the wind howled.
Now I need some sleep.

Late April

Much needed rain overnight
but today – so cold,
if it weren’t for the blossom
and new leaves on the trees
you might think autumn returned.

Soft Rain

Just what the garden needed;
continuous soft and gentle rain.
So much less damaging than
a heavy downpour would have been
and so much more efficient
than me with my watering can.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Although it is so much cooler today I am thankful for the overnight gentle rain which has continued throughout most of today after such a long hot, dry spell. No need for me to spend time watering with hose or can this evening.


Cool and overcast,
after rain overnight.
The earth breathes a sigh
of relief, drinks thirstily
and pleads for more.


Tiptoeing silently overnight
snowflakes fell,
the world turned white.

Shadows Stretch

Blue sky, bright sun.
Long cold shadows
stretch themselves awake.
Gone are the overnight storms.


Silently creeping overnight
Winter returned with snow
and everywhere is white,
except for where, along the road
car tracks straight as tramlines show
as black as night.

Fairy Dust

An overnight dusting of fresh snow
fades away like fairy dust
in the grim light of a grey day,
yet large patches of the previous heavy fall,
frozen and icy, remain.

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