Winter Fights Back

Thin ice shimmers
on the mini pond.
Minute snowflakes
float down like dust.
Biting cold
nips my fingers
as I fill the bird feeders.
Winter fights back.


Holly green and berries red,
cut and stacked up in the shed.
Soon it will be brought inside
to bring us joy this Yuletide.

(Continuing the slightly flippant theme!)

Get Up and Go

Has anyone seen my get-up-and-go?
It's got up and gone its own way,
leaving me here as limp as a rag
and with so much to do today.

Survival Mode

Up before times
to water the garden
before the day heats up.
Doors and windows wide open,
letting in the early morning cool
before closing up again,
drawing the curtains and blinds
against the heat - 
survival mode.

In the Garden

Sitting in the garden watching
the bees among the lavender,
a pigeon bathing in the pond.
The sun burns down 
from a cloudless sky.

Despite the cool breeze
it is far too hot for me.
I retreat indoors.

Sunshine and Snow

(With apologies to the well-known song....)

The sun is a-shining,
you hang out the washing
and hey-ho, look at it snow.
You bring in the washing
because is is snowing
and hey-ho, see the sun shine!


Excitement of an eBay auction;
heart beating fast. Will I win?
Counting down the last few seconds, 
finger poised for final bid.
'You have won! Congratulations.
Pay now.' Relax, breathe again.

Made for Two

On a bicycle made for two
cycling along in the cold,
hunkering down behind you,
isn't much fun, truth be told.

On a bicycle made for two
with fingers and toes turning numb,
not able to take in the view
as all I can see is your b_ _!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Naughty, naughty, slap my hand! Although we were out on one of our tandems this morning, which was a bit on the chilly side, this silly verse actually refers to our first Tandem Club ride of the year last weekend when it was bitterly cold.

To start from the beginning, our first tandem was a Gitane, which we bought quite cheaply on e-bay to see if we would like it. We then bought our George Longstaff tandem, which is the one we mostly use and to which we had added an electric assist. We had taken our Gitane out to Spain for our daughter and her fella but they hadn't ridden it very much and there were a few issues with it. So when we went out to Spain last autumn we brought the Gitane back with us and the boss spent much of the Christmas holiday period repairing and refurbishing it. We had taken it out for a short 'shake down' ride early in January after which he made a few tweaks. Then he decided that we would use it for the club ride, a bit over 22 miles on this occasion, which we would have to manage without electric assist.

The Longstaff has a fairly upright cycling position and I can usually crane my neck to see a bit over the boss's shoulders, (although more often I'm looking to one side or the other resulting in a crick in my neck!). The Gitane had me leaning forward over uncomfortable handlebars in a posture a bit like a racing cyclist and I couldn't see much of anything over his shoulders. I also kept sliding forwards on the saddle and bumping my knees on the handlebars. Although it was cold and uncomfortable I did actually enjoy the ride, out in the fresh air, with good company, although I didn't see as much of the scenery as I would have liked! We didn't really miss the electric assist as there weren't too many hills and the bike is quite a bit lighter in weight than the Longstaff.

So more tweaks were clearly in order followed by this morning's ride on it for a another test run. I now have different handlebars - much more comfortable and the saddle behaved. I still can't see very much out front but it was better and we actually had quite a nice 13 and a bit miles ride. Nothing, though, can change the fact that on the back of a tandem the most likely view is the back of the person in front - get used to it!


Holly with red berries
now cut and in the shed.
I got in quick before the birds,
they're welcome to the rest.
Soon I'll bring it in the house
and bedeck the hall,
begin the merry-making
and wish all a blessed Yule.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I am taking my usual Christmas break so this will be my last post until the New Year. I wish all my readers the happiest of celebrations over the coming weeks and hope you all stay safe and healthy. See you in January.


Christmas cards all posted,
present buying done.
Now it's time to think of food
and plan a time of fun.
* * * * * * * * * * * * 

(The plan is that the family are coming to us for Christmas, circumstances permitting, so stocking up on food and entertainment is a priority!)

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