One Day

Three seasons, one day;
snow, rain, bright sunshine,
but oh so cold!


Blow Wind, Blow

Blow wind, blow,
blow the clouds along,
sweep away the rain showers,
bring sunshine and birdsong.


I’m hanging washing on the line.
Later forecast – heavy rain.
Here’s hoping I
can get it dry
before I get it in again.

Damp Patches

Just before midnight
how the rain hammered.
This morning no rain
just dull, dull sky
and everywhere damp patches.


Watering garden pots again
we all grumble we need rain,
but if and when the rain does come
still we’ll grumble, wanting sun.

Grey Clouds

Grey clouds come and go;
will it, won’t it,


After the rain
sunshine again,
the ground freshly washed,
the grass sparkling green.


Home from sunny Spain,
back to reality –
and rain!

Bumble Bee

Bumble bee bumping
against the window pane.
I think he is asking to come in
from the cold north wind and rain.


Storm ‘Katie’ edges past,
trees waving violently
as rain lashes the window panes.

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