Delicate Beauty

Magnolia Blossom


delicate beauty
yet so bold,
palest pink, purple tinged.


In the Wings

Magnolia corps de ballet
clusters in the wings;
Degas dancers waiting to burst
onto the stage.

Chill Wind

Magnolia buds
unfurl into the chill wind.
Winter’s dying breath.

January Joy 10

How joyful it is to see
new buds swelling
on my neighbour’s Magnolia tree.


After a cool, misty start,
a glorious spring day.
The magnolia rejoices.


Almost, but not quite;
Magnolia buds waiting to burst
when the time is right.

New Blooms

Summer surprise;
my neighbour’s magnolia
blooms anew.

Magnolia Blooms

Delicate magnolia blooms,
later here than further south
but no less beautiful.

Moulting Bird

Magnolia Petal
The breeze strengthens.
Magnolia blossoms tremble.
Petals shake free and fall
like feathers from a moulting bird.


Magnificent magnolia blossom
bursts from velvet buds
in a profusion of delicious creamy pink.

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