heavy snowfall
forecasters tell us.
So far no sign.

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  1. Jules
    Mar 06, 2023 @ 14:54:11

    We get warnings all the time…
    Somewhere in Maine…(Portland – way north of us about 760 kms) actually got slammed and many are with damage and no power.

    Stay safe!


    • Libby
      Mar 08, 2023 @ 12:02:24

      Ours is never as bad as yours so I can’t complain. Actually I do like to see snow – as long as it doesn’t hang around too long. Snow is forecast for the next few days and over the weekend.


      • Jules
        Mar 10, 2023 @ 13:04:37

        Ours seems to never be as bad as the norther half of our own state. In the last 30 years or so we’ve only had about three blizzards. Perhaps 6-8 accountable more than 3 inches of snow… not as bad as what’s happened in Michigan, Maine, Utah, or even northern California. We also don’t get the huricanes of the southern states or the Tornadoes of the plain states. It is all location, location, location. Our light snow is supposed to start around 11 am today. But the maps I look at still show the majority of the accumulation more to the north.

        Just stay safe!! It is about 34F or 1.1C at 8am

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