Today the sun smiles
as if yesterday’s wind and rain
had never been.
Only puddles and soggy leaves
bear witness.


Strange Things

What strange things some people do.
Yesterday a lady I do not know
was plucking handfuls of grass
from the roadside verge
and stuffing it into a plastic bag.

Politeness got the better of curiosity —
I did not stop to ask but walked on by
as if it was nothing out of the ordinary
while pondering what explanation
might have emerged.

Ah Me! – #2

(This should have been posted yesterday but I ran out of time!)

Ah me! It didn’t rain
and soon the sun came shining through
but by then it chanced that I
had something else to do.
Nothing lost that can’t be changed,
the day slipped into yesterday
and sun and I together spent
gardening today.

Al Fresco

a day in the sun,
al fresco meals, good company.
how different things can be —
overcast and grey,
the sun
has stayed away.

Evening Out

Yesterday an evening out
to celebrate St. George’s Day;
too much too soon methinks —
I’m suffering today!


Tiny Tom, my grandson, came to play,
running round the garden having fun
in the sun.
the sky is grey.

One Sunny Day

One sunny day;
but that was yesterday.
Today; more of the same –

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