Cradled gently in my hands
I release the butterfly that flew
through the summer-open door
to flutter ineffectively
against the window pane.
I watch it fly away.


A Perfect Silhouette

The morning sun picks out
a perfect silhouette —
wing raised, tail fanned,
plump body, small head, sharp beak —
of a pigeon that struck the glass
of the window pane.

Bumble Bee

Bumble bee bumping
against the window pane.
I think he is asking to come in
from the cold north wind and rain.


Across the window pane
a spider spins her web,
inwardly spiralling,
precisely positioning
each and every thread.


The whispering flutter of a butterfly
tapping against the window pane.
I catch him gently in my cupped hands,
release him out of the open door.

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