Blue Skies

Blue skies and birdsong,
red tulips drinking sunshine,
wind chimes on the breeze.


With a great cacophony of sound
a boisterous wind blew
the wind-chimes from the tree;
noisily they clattered
to the ground.


In the breeze
the wind-chimes sound
music played once
then blown away,
never written down.

The Wind Blew

Last night the strong wind blew
the wind-chimes down from the tree.
How joyfully they jingled
as I hung them back again!


Church bells call the faithful
while in the garden glade
silent bluebells listen
while the wind-chimes sing.


Though the wind is cold
that jostles the wind-chimes
they gently rejoice
to see the sun shine.


Halyards tapping on metal masts
like so many wind-chimes
in a forest.

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