Jack Frost

White on the lawns, the roofs, the cars
show where Jack Frost has passed,
but how I miss those leaf-like scenes
he used to draw on window glass.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
A hard frost last night reminded me how much, as a child I loved the frosty patterns that appeared on the windows overnight. Now we rarely see them due to the increase in double glazing in our homes. Those intricate patterns are now just a fading memory!



Tiptoeing silently overnight
snowflakes fell,
the world turned white.

Hard Frost

Snow in short supply this winter,
I awake to a world of white.
A bitter, cold, hard frost
will have to suffice!

January Joy 16

Jack Frost has passed this way,
peppering the blades of grass
white, like an old man’s hair.

On the Way

Still the days
are dark and grey.
No white Christmas on the way.


White spots on the lawn
show where snowdrops
will soon bloom.
Whisperings of Spring.


turns to snow;
pleasant change.
Green grass turns white.
It won’t stay long though —
ground too wet below.

Mottled Sky

A mottled sky in shades of blue
and white and pale grey,
where now and then
a hidden sun
comes shyly peeping through.

White Feather

White feather floating
down among the cold snowflakes;
Winter’s extra gift.


Back home safe and warm
I wake this morning to a world of white.
Silently it snowed all night,
still the gentle flakes are falling
and life comes to a standstill.

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