Long Overdue – Septolet

Having re-blogged an article on Saturday, not my usual blogging day, I decided to revert to small stones poetry today, especially as I am enjoying writing Septolets so much at the moment!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
and wet
ice dripping,
mopping puddles.

A job
long overdue —
de-frosting the freezer!



Cold and wet weather.
What has happened to summer?
Still early August!

Weekend Away

Weekend away,
all wet and grey,
travelled back today;
no more to say.


Cold, wet and windy yet again.
When will summer come?
The first red rose buds answer —


Everywhere is pretty wet but
where is forecast gale force wind?
All is calm and still outside,
is this the lull before the storm?


Where once the road was flooded
now puddles and wet patches remain.
In other areas of the country
many wish they could say the same!


turns to snow;
pleasant change.
Green grass turns white.
It won’t stay long though —
ground too wet below.


Radiant as the midday sun,
vibrant as the sunset,
in yellows and reds the lilies bloom
despite the sunless wind and wet.

Home Again

Home again to England
and the rain!

It’s cold and wet and windy,
the garden’s overgrown,
it’s far too wet to mow the lawn,

but everywhere is beautiful,
richly lush and green;
I can find no reason
to complain.

Cat Flap

Grey skies, rain and hail stones
and at the window one wet cat
pleads with her eyes to be let in,
too lazy to use the cat flap.

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