There’ll be no more gardening today,
heavy rainfall is causing delay.
Though it’s good for the soil
it’s not good for toil.
So frustrating! What more can I say.


I have been spending a lot of time in the garden lately, clearing weeds and planting out bedding plants for summer colour, and I haven’t finished yet, I still have plants waiting to go in. I took the day off yesterday so I could have a rest, rain was forecast and also I had a commitment in the afternoon. It didn’t rain. I had hoped to continue my planting today – but now it rains!


Green Fingers

I love a tidy garden.
Mine always looks a mess;
I haven’t got green fingers
nor take the time I guess.
Oh, the plants are thriving
but so are all the weeds,
can’t bring myself to pull them up
until they’ve spread their seeds.
Their flowers are so pretty
I leave them all too long
and next year twice as many
will round my garden throng!


Spring’s lush growth
has overtaken my garden;
weeds among the flowers.

Cherry Trees

in the cherry tree
picking cherries,
give them a peck or two
then drop them on the ground below
to grow next year
into little cherry trees,
like weeds.

Ah Me! — A Whimsy

I mourn the sun
for it has gone,
cloud covers all again.
I’d wished to get
some gardening done
but it looks like to rain.
I’ve seeds to sew
and plants to plant,
weeds to pull as well.
Will I get it done today?
Ah me! — I cannot tell.

Given Up For Dead

A plant that I had given up for dead
has reappeared in flower amongst the weeds.
I wish I could remember what it’s called.

Ox-eye Daisy

An ox-eye daisy
flowering amongst the weeds.
I leave it alone.


Home again;
the grass has grown again,
the weeds are rife again,
I need to take control…

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