Threads of Gold

Weaving her threads of gold
amongst the green,
Autumn peeps shyly round
the lustrous skirts of Summer.

Loom as Home

My feelings exactly!

Switched Focus

Switched focus — dealing
today with images, not
words; a weaving day.


Scissors, paper, glue,
pencils, rubber, ruler,
scattered across the table;
designing my next weaving.

Another Weaving

Woven TapestryAnother weaving finished,
one more still to do.
The exhibition draws nearer.



No time for words today,
far too busy weaving.
Weavers meeting at my house

Words on Weaving

Not a ‘Small Stone’ today! I just wanted to let you know about my new blog called Words on Weaving, which you will find here. Some of you may be interested to check it out, it is all about my jounrney into Tapestry Weaving.

Cut Off

My finished weaving now cut off
my big floor loom.
Setting up the warp again
to start a new piece soon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have three tapestry weaving looms – the big floor loom, a medium-sized ‘nail-frame’ loom and a small (almost hand-held) ‘wrap-round’ loom. I currently have a piece half-finished on the ‘nail-frame’ loom but I finished a pair of matching cushion covers, worked side-by-side, on the big floor loom a few weeks ago. It is these that I have just cut off the loom and am preparing it to start on a new pair of designs (not matching this time but again worked side-by-side) once the current work in progress is finished! These are all potentially for the exhibition next spring and I am finally feeling confident that I just might have enough work ready on time!


Unwoven, rewoven,
now for some progress;
slowly and steadily,
fewer mistakes!

More Haste

More haste, less speed they say,
and so it seems, as I unweave
the inches I had hastily woven;
a futile attempt to make progress
before I went away!

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