the grass
of the lawn.
When will it rain?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Well, we didn't get the rain promised on Thursday, so I wrote the above Elfje during a wakeful night last night. However when I finally got up in the morning I discovered it had rained in the night, the ground was wet. It continued to rain gently for several hours so I wrote the Elfje below. Then the rain stopped! The sun came out for a while and the ground has dried, but it has now clouded over again so perhaps we will get some more rain. It least it is a lot cooler

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

at last,
fine and gentle.
Will it be enough?


Tandem Club Rally

We returned home on Saturday from our week away at the Tandem Club National Rally and I have been a bit busy since. I was hoping to post here yesterday but I didn’t find the time, jobs take twice as long at the moment – still better late than never.

The campsite for the week was the Rugby Club at Corsham , Wiltshire, a lovely part of the country. Cycling with my arm in plaster we knew was going to be a bit of a challenge. We arrived on Saturday and on Sunday we tried a short lap of the camping field – I was not happy, didn’t feel at all secure so the boss went out with a group on his solo bike that he had taken along just in case!

Monday saw a treasure hunt ride of a bit over 15 miles scheduled which I thought would be fun but it rained so rather than risk getting my plaster wet we didn’t join in. On Tuesday we thought it best to do a short ride on our own to see how I got on, so we did a 7 mile round trip to the nearby National Trust village of Laycock – a beautiful, unspoiled village which was used in the filming of Pride and Prejudice. We stopped for coffee there and on the way back had to shelter under a big beech tree while a heavy shower went through. I felt reasonably safe riding, though heavy traffic and road junctions were a bit scary. After that we decided to do our own thing as most of the arranged routes were far longer than I felt I could cope with. We did the treasure hunt route on Wednesday, solving most of the clues – too late for the competition anyway so no prizes. On Thursday we did a route of just over 14 miles, taking in much of Corsham itself, another interesting place with an unspoilt town centre, used for the filming of Poldark. Then on Friday we did a bit over 16 miles based on the treasure hunt route but with some variations.

Despite my handicap I did enjoy the week. We were able to renew acquaintances from previous events and there were some interesting evening talks and activities, including a killer of a quiz in which our team of 6 managed to come 4th. The weather was a bit unsettled but there was some good spells of warm sunshine and we managed to avoid most of the rain. However the evenings were quite chilly and the final evening’s BBQ with Rhythm & Blues Band was a bit of a wash-out as it rained quite heavily most of the time. I did take some photos on my camera (easier to hold then my phone) but I really can’t cope with downloading them just yet. Wednesday evening’s Tandem Club’s 50th Anniversary ‘party’ was a great success though.

We have the York Cycle Rally coming up in a couple of weeks, just a weekend this time. I was hoping I would be out of plaster by then but my next appointment isn’t until a few days after the rally -perhaps it is just as well, the wrist would still be week and I might be tempted to do too much. I’ll be glad when things get back to normal though, I think the boss is getting fed up with doing all the cooking, housework needs attention and the garden is in dire need of some maintenance! It will all have to wait.


Early out on the bike,
ahead of the weather.
Now drinking warm coffee
waiting for the rain.


I’m off on my travels again tomorrow morning. We’re hopping a relatively short distance across country to Nottingham with our tandem on the back of the Motorhome for the Tandem Club 50th Anniversary National Rally! We will be there for a week. This time we will have an electric hook-up but sadly no WIFI access so again I will not be taking my laptop and will be off-line.

There are an number of ride routes organised for the week but you can choose which day you do them. They are of varying lengths and you have the choice of joining with others to do a ride or doing your own thing. The weather looks to be unsettled for the week and several of the rides are rather longer than we would wish so we will probably mostly do our own thing and maybe just do sections of some of the longer rides rather than the whole route. Due to the continuing COVID situation, despite the end of all restrictions, we would be happier to be on our own or in a small group. We are, however, intending to join the ride to a nearby village for the anniversary celebratory cream tea with prosecco on Thursday – probably making our own way there as the suggested ride route is one of the longer ones, taking a large loop round. We plan on taking a somewhat shorter, more direct route to the cafe.

I also have an old school friend who lives not far away from the campsite who I don’t catch up with often enough so we will hopefully be able to spend some time with her; one of the slightly shorter rides goes near her home so we could detour to visit, or alternatively she may come to visit us at the camp-site – assuming visitors are allowed, which it is possible they may not be!

I have several books to read in case the weather is not fit for cycling and shall also have pens and paper to maybe write some ‘small stones’ or longer pieces – I just hope my son at home remembers to feed the birds and hedgehogs and water the garden if we do by chance have a hot, dry spell. All being well I will see you again after the end of next week.


weather; waiting for forecast
thunder storms to come.


All day long the snow fell.
Over night
the blanket of white
survived the freezing weather.
But now the sky is clear
and bright
and slowly, oh so slowly
the snow begins to melt.


Now no doubt
the weather;
depressing, dismal,
dank and still.
it’s November

August Weather

strong winds,
intermittent rain showers.
Undecided and confused August

Honey Bees

doing well
despite variable weather.
Rent paid in full —

* * * * * * * * * * * *
About a year ago I arranged for a local beekeeper to keep a hive in our field. He was a bit pessimistic at first about how well they would do as he didn’t think there would be much for them to forage, but he agreed to give it a try. I was fairly confident there was more than he thought – plenty of brambles in the far corner, fruit trees in the hedges and flower-filled gardens within flying distance.

They have apparently exceeded expectations and have been thriving despite the unpredictable weather this year. Yesterday I received my ‘rent’ – two lovely jars of honey!


Heavy showers,
short sunny spells.
Not a day for

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