Cold and wet weather.
What has happened to summer?
Still early August!

Hot and Humid

Hot and humid
out on the bike
for a short, sharp ride
before the weather turns.

Up and Down

Up and down weather,
one day hot the next day not.
An English summer.


Cold, wet and windy yet again.
When will summer come?
The first red rose buds answer —


Sun, snow, wind, rain.
On the merry-go-round again!


Plants growing taller
flowers blooming, despite
changeable weather.


Calm between the storms.
They say there is more to come
tomorrow – ah me!

Storm Battered

Storm battered UK;
trees down,
power out,
two people killed,
east coast flooding,
homes vacated.
Not where I am
Hope that you too
are OK.

(One newspaper today had the headline ‘Killer Storm’ – it makes you wonder how to describe the real devastation experienced in many other parts of the world!)

Winter Wolf

Once more the world is white
from snowfall overnight,
creeping up on padded feet,
ghostly through the snow and sleet
the Wolf of Winter clamps his jaws
and Spring retreats behind closed doors.

More Snow

Here we go,
more snow.
Will it settle?
I don’t know.

Will it settle?
I don’t know.
Bigger flakes
come and go.

Bigger flakes
come and go,
try to settle.
More snow!

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