On the Line

hanging limply
on the line,
more in hope than

Sunshine and Snow

(With apologies to the well-known song....)

The sun is a-shining,
you hang out the washing
and hey-ho, look at it snow.
You bring in the washing
because is is snowing
and hey-ho, see the sun shine!


sunny, breezy.
Good drying day.
Washing on the whirly-gig,


The sun has come out.
Hang the washing on the line.
Sun goes in again!

Fresh Air

Safe at home,
I bring fresh air indoors
with the washing.


Dancing in sunshine
with breeze-blown gay abandon;
washing on the line.

No Time

Busy day,
making the most of the weather;
washing, cycling, gardening.
No time for computing!

Still Air

Washing hangs limply
in the still air.
I watch as from the cherry tree
a lone leaf drops.

Life Cycle

Whenever you go away,
however brief your stay,
on your return you’re sure to find
the houseplants are dry,
the garden’s run wild,
it’s simply amazing
how the washing has piled
and dust has settled everywhere.
You rush around until you are tired
and there is no doubt in your mind
that what you need is a holiday,
you know,
however brief your stay,
on your return you’re sure to find…


What a Day

What a day —
non-stop drizzle, dank and grey.
How am I
supposed to get the washing dry?

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