What a Day

What a day —
non-stop drizzle, dank and grey.
How am I
supposed to get the washing dry?


I’m hanging washing on the line.
Later forecast – heavy rain.
Here’s hoping I
can get it dry
before I get it in again.

No Frown

A fine day for drying
washing on the line
so, although
the tumble dryer
has broken down,
no frown.


Washing on the line,
pegged out, trapped, flapping wildly,
trying to break free.

The Rest of the Day

Washing on,
vacuuming done.
Now just the shopping to do
then the rest of the day’s my own.

On the Line

On the line the washing hangs limply,
the day has managed to stay dry and fine,
the sun has even broken through briefly,
the threatening clouds have stayed benign.


I hang the washing in the sun
then watch as angry black clouds come.
Soon there’s hail mixed in with rain;
I fetch the washing in again!

Washing Line

On the washing line the clothes hang limp and damp.
The gentle breeze is full of autumn chill.
A week and feeble sun shines shyly through the cherry tree
that stubbornly holds on to dull green leaves.

Summer Morning

A summer morning,
a weak and watery sun
filters through the trees.
Washing hangs on the line,
limp and damp.

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