Summer Ends

Summer ends,
an autumnal chill is in the air.
We stack the log shed
for winter warmth.


Another cold day.
Pigeon next to chimney pot
enjoying the warmth!


No warmth in the sun.
Long shadows stretch.
Spring still grapples for grip.

Confusing Messages

Intermittent bursts
of sun and shadow, warmth and chill,
sending confusing messages
the early signs of Spring
choose to ignore.

The Old Ash Tree

It’s sad to see them felling
my neighbours old ash tree,
but the light and space it generates
is almost adequate compensation,
as will be the warmth we get from burning
the wood in our stove this winter.

Valiant Effort

Valiant effort;
the sun shines brightly between
clouds, without much warmth.

Beanie Hats

Bird feeders with snow beanies

Beanie hats of snow
sit atop the bird feeders;
illusion of warmth.



Logs stacked beside the stove;
promise of warmth
on a cold winter’s day.


Searching for warmth
the shadows stretch out
to where the sunbeams fall.

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