lies white
across the lawn,
keeping me inside;


A lovely warm spring day.
I’m off outside
without my coat today!

January Joy 3

Yet more rain but:
I have a warm fire to sit beside
and a good book to read.
What more do I need?

Indian Summer

Smiling at the sun.
Warm Indian Summer days.
Red rosebuds open.

Winter Woollies

By gum, the house is cold,
were we away so long?
We’re wearing winter woollies,
trying to get warm.
The sun is shining here and there,
through blue patches in the sky,
perhaps we’ll soon feel warm again;
at least the day is dry.


Strong winter winds have blown
twigs and branches from the trees;
free firewood to keep us warm.

Still Summer

A brisk walk in sunshine,
dog at my heels,
so warm I could almost believe
it is still summer.

Torn Sail

In the marina, deceptively
warm and sunny, but in the estuary
the wind cold and blustery.
A sudden squall
heels us over alarmingly;
we limp home with a torn sail!


Back home safe and warm
I wake this morning to a world of white.
Silently it snowed all night,
still the gentle flakes are falling
and life comes to a standstill.

No Boat!

Arriving at the marina
in the depths of a cold and frosty night —
no boat! An empty birth!

Carrying our bags we embarked on a search,
fortunately found it not far away,
moved for dredging, we’d forgotten to check.
Climbing on board on an icy deck
in unsuitable shoes I don’t recommend,
slipping and sliding, but before long
safely aboard cosy and warm.


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