Colour returning;
spring flowers and tree blossom.
Bird song rejoicing.

Spring Joys

Bumble bees busy in the rockery,
insects buzzing around the trees,
birds flitting from feeders to shrubs;
my garden is full of Spring joys.


violently waving,
flexing and bending.
Birds swing on branches.


Ghostly silhouettes;
shrouded in the mist, bare trees
look otherworldly.


The breeze sings its song
through the trees
while I strain my ears to hear
the tale it tells, that wins,
with a rustle of leaves,
a round of applause.

Staring Role

bright, unknown tree 
with lime green leaves,
standing in the spotlight
before a chorus-line
of trees of darker hue.
Staring role.


After the rain
the world looks freshly washed;
the trees are full of summer green,
the sky its brightest hue,
while the sunflowers turn their heads 
to greet the sun.

Small Hours

In the small hours
I sit in the cool of the garden
listening and watching.
The breeze in the trees 
whispers a lullaby
while in the shadows a hedgehog
bumbles about his business.

Solstice Blessings

"The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers,
but for the wide world's joy."

Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887)

Diamante 2

Diamante poems are such fun here’s another one that I wrote after my recent visit to Jackson’s Coppice to see the bluebells. (See previous post)

ancient, sturdy,
breathing, living, being,
branches, limbs, leaves, flowers,
growing, spreading, blooming,
delicate, fragrant,

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