Trees begin to green,
leaf buds unfurl day by day.
New clothes for spring-time.

Holiday Haiku 3

Underneath the branch
tree creeper hangs upside down.
A different world view.


Sparrowhawk perched in the tree
watching me watching him
as I pass through the woods.


Take down the holly and the tree,
put lights and tinsel back in store.
It’s time to end our revelry
till Yuletide circles round once more.

Midas Touch

A shaft of sunlight
under the dark storm clouds
gilds the stark tree
with a Midas touch.

Mixed Feelings

Buzz of the chainsaw felling my neighbour’s tree,
covered in ivy and past it’s time,
allowing more light to reach our garden.
Mixed feelings.

January Joy 10

How joyful it is to see
new buds swelling
on my neighbour’s Magnolia tree.

January Joy 6

Packing Christmas away, stripping the tree,
carefully wrapping each bauble,
some made by my Mum, some by me,
some gifts from absent friends;
each one holding a precious memory.

Fairy Lights

Russet, ripe
apples hang on my neighbour’s tree
like fairy lights.

Single Tree

Today I struggle to write a stone,
so much going on but no words come;
the single tree
lost in the forest.

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