Endless Line

Heavy traffic through the town;
an endless line of heavy lorries
moving like snails.
The motorway must be closed.



Frustration; stuck
in traffic jams at road-works
and in queues at check-outs,
shopping in town.
So much time wasted.


A road closure caused
a detour through town;
which very nearly caused
me to be late
for an appointment.


Driving into town
stroboscopic lighting blinks my eyes;
sunlight through the hedgerows.

Into Town

Into town to shop;
half the things I wanted
were either out of stock,
the shop was closed
or I simply forgot!

Heather Beds

Heather beds
in shades of lilacs, purples, reds,
bring colour to the town’s
central round-a-bout.

Scenic Route

Traffic lights in town.
I take the scenic route to
the Garden Centre.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

These are temporary lights for some road works and are causing delays. The ‘long way round’ is much nicer anyway!

Town Square

In the town square pigeons scurry between
the legs and feet of bustling Christmas shoppers
flowing past a lone ‘Big Issue’ seller
who pleads for custom.

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