I just
can’t be bothered


Break Time

Just to let you know I am taking a break for a month, from today and all through November. I’ll be back in early December so don’t go too far away!


Today is cooler than expected.
I go out without a coat,
tell myself;
walk briskly, stay in the sun.
Clouds float by, teasing –
oh no you won’t!


No coat.
Today I went out

Play Day

my grandson came to play;
no tiime for my computer!


No time for words today,
far too busy weaving.
Weavers meeting at my house

Last Page

Today a new month.
I turn to the last page
in my notebook.
a new beginning.

Ah Me! – #2

(This should have been posted yesterday but I ran out of time!)

Ah me! It didn’t rain
and soon the sun came shining through
but by then it chanced that I
had something else to do.
Nothing lost that can’t be changed,
the day slipped into yesterday
and sun and I together spent
gardening today.

Al Fresco

a day in the sun,
al fresco meals, good company.
how different things can be —
overcast and grey,
the sun
has stayed away.

Evening Out

Yesterday an evening out
to celebrate St. George’s Day;
too much too soon methinks —
I’m suffering today!

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