So much to be done,
panic setting in,
sands running out 


Now is the time
for catching up
with all those jobs
I’ve been meaning to do,
with all those friends
I’ve been meaning to phone
but just never found the time.

At Home

Staying safe at home
and finding so much to do
I can’t believe I ever
had time to go out!

Is It Time?

Gentle snowdrops raise their heads
to peep through frost-rimed grass,
petals tightly furled for warmth.
“Is it time?” they ask.

Making Time

Very busy day.
I make time to sit outside
soaking up sunshine.

Hand Washing

Time consuming hand-washing.
Why do things go awry
when the maintenance department is away?
This time it is my washing machine
that refuses to play.


Frustration; stuck
in traffic jams at road-works
and in queues at check-outs,
shopping in town.
So much time wasted.

A Week

A week when time
is in short supply,
with far too much to do
and energy very low!


However busy,
time spent playing
with a grandchild
is never wasted.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If I have not visited your blog recently please accept my apologies. I seem to be having some issues with WordPress at the moment and can’t access my ‘Reader’ for the recent posts on the blogs I follow. I am doing my best to resolve the problem which is no doubt caused by some recent ‘improvements’.



Afternoon baking;
first time for quite a long while.
Oh what a delight.

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