Ghost Lights

Reflected ghost lights
twinkle on evergreen bush;
Christmas fairy-lights.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Morning sunlight streaming briefly through my back window bounced off the cut-glass lamp inherited from my in-laws onto the front window showing ghostly fairy-lights on the bush in my front garden – it took a minute or two to work out what was causing them!


Midas Touch

A shaft of sunlight
under the dark storm clouds
gilds the stark tree
with a Midas touch.

January Joy 20

Sunlight shining through bare branches.
Caught in the beaming spotlight
early signs of Spring’s new growth.


Peacock butterfly
flexing its wings up and down,
basking in sunlight.

Long Shadows

In bright sunlight
long shadows are cast,
creating stripes of tarnishing
across the golden carpet of leaves
that covers the grass.


Driving into town
stroboscopic lighting blinks my eyes;
sunlight through the hedgerows.

A Touch of Magic

With a touch of magic
a shaft of early morning sunlight
found the mundane sign
halfway up the lamp-post,
flashed a momentary blaze of glory
in iridescent blues and greens
then moved on.


Golden-leaved trees,
ablaze with sunlight,
begin the celebrations
for bonfire night.


Caught in bright sunlight
the cobweb sparkles as if
dusted with gemstones.


The cat sleeps
where the sunlight streaks
the carpet with bands of gold
and warms her fur.

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