Golden Bloom

golden bloom
enjoying the sunshine.
More buds opening soon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I have other sunflowers elsewhere in the garden but this was the first to bloom. Plenty more buds to come.


Sunflower Seeds

Squirrel on the fence

We sneaked a few days away last week for a little cycling break up on the North Norfolk coastal area – beautiful! While we were away our youngest son, who was keeping house for us, sent this photo of a squirrel eating the sunflower seeds from one of our dead sunflowers.

When I went to investigate on our return I found no evidence of the sunflower head at all, it had been completely bitten off. There was no sign of it on the ground nearby. I think he must have carried it off and possibly buried it. I’m now a little worried that next year I might have sunflowers popping up in all the most unlikely spots in the garden!


After the rain
the world looks freshly washed;
the trees are full of summer green,
the sky its brightest hue,
while the sunflowers turn their heads 
to greet the sun.

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