Winding Down – Septolet

Summer fades.
Leaves slowly
turn golden.

The year
winds down,
steadily increasing
its pace.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
A Septolet consists of 7 lines in 14 words, arranged in two parts with a break between, both parts dealing with the same thought.

This is my first attempt at a Septolet. My thanks to Elaine Patricia Morris (Watermelonseeds) for introducing me to this delightful form.



After a grey start
Summer shows her face, blown in
on a cool, fresh breeze.


Cold and wet weather.
What has happened to summer?
Still early August!

Burning Bright

Summer solstice,
burning bright.
How the sun rejoices.


Goodbye to summer days,
welcome treetops autumn blaze,
chilly mornings, misty haze;
the turning year’s new phase.


Summer’s over,
evenings cooler,
darkness earlier,
soon be Winter!


Bright sunshine,
warm as summer.
Bees gather late pollen.

Up and Down

Up and down weather,
one day hot the next day not.
An English summer.

Subtle Changes

Some subtle changes.
Green leaves slowly darken hue,
summer shifts onwards.


It’s that time again,
tennis, strawberries and cream.
Wimbledon summer.

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