Handful of hot days.
Now overcast and cloudy.
Typical summer.

Summer Ends

Summer ends,
an autumnal chill is in the air.
We stack the log shed
for winter warmth.


Slowly changing day by day
Summer greenness fades away,
replaced by Autumn russet, gold;
beauty glorious to behold.

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Strawberry Jam

So satisfying,
making sweet strawberry jam.
Bountiful summer.


The unexpected jingle
of an ice-cream van
somewhere not so far away,
brings promises of summer
and some normality
to these crazy times we live in.


Oh the sweet fragrance —
clothes fresh from the washing line
full of summer air.

Final Burst

Summer’s final burst;
staged display of warm sunshine.
Frost awaits its cue.


See how the summer flowers fade,
see how the skies turn grey,
see how the berries ripen red
and leaves more golden every day.
See how the seasons turn and change
as autumn comes our way.

Late Flush

The recent rains have brought
a late flush of summer green.
Parched earth replenished.
Mother Nature self-restores.


Reluctant rainfall
has in part re-greened the lawn.
Subtle changes herald fading summer.
The drought continues, moorland burns.

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