Grey clouds race northwards.
Trees wave as they hurry by,
fleeing ahead of storm Brendan
following in hot pursuit.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Brendan is the name given by the Irish Met. Office to the storm forecast to batter the UK today.


Storm ‘Katie’ edges past,
trees waving violently
as rain lashes the window panes.


Everywhere is pretty wet but
where is forecast gale force wind?
All is calm and still outside,
is this the lull before the storm?

Thor’s Hammer

Mighty Thor’s hammer strikes his anvil,
startling me awake from restless dreams.
Sparks rend the angry sky across
the portals of Asgard, dire warnings
of the approach of Ragnarok.


Dry and sunny;
a rare opportunity
to spend time in the garden
before the next storm hits!

Storm Battered

Storm battered UK;
trees down,
power out,
two people killed,
east coast flooding,
homes vacated.
Not where I am
Hope that you too
are OK.

(One newspaper today had the headline ‘Killer Storm’ – it makes you wonder how to describe the real devastation experienced in many other parts of the world!)


Boats at Rest

Boats at rest
rock gently on their moorings,
the wind’s caress
invites them out to play.
‘Tis but a jest,
the wind strength is increasing.
The boats resist,
a storm is on the way.

Rose Bud

Last night a thunder-storm
ripped the sky apart;
but today the first red rose bud
begins to unfurl.

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