Sunflower Seeds

Squirrel on the fence

We sneaked a few days away last week for a little cycling break up on the North Norfolk coastal area – beautiful! While we were away our youngest son, who was keeping house for us, sent this photo of a squirrel eating the sunflower seeds from one of our dead sunflowers.

When I went to investigate on our return I found no evidence of the sunflower head at all, it had been completely bitten off. There was no sign of it on the ground nearby. I think he must have carried it off and possibly buried it. I’m now a little worried that next year I might have sunflowers popping up in all the most unlikely spots in the garden!



Super industrious squirrel,
back and forth
collecting walnuts from the tree,
seeking to bury them
in the lawn.


Rogue sapling of a hazel nut tree
growing in the rockery,
no doubt planted by a squirrel.

I dig it out, roots and all,
pot it in mixed compost and loam
ready to find a more suitable home.


thinks he’s
a meerkat, stands
alert on the lawn.


wrecker of the bird feeder,
I do not begrudge you your meal;
it is winter and you are hungry too.
How I enjoy your antics but —
a little less destruction
if you will.

Feed the Birds

Something keeps knocking
the bird feeders down
and spilling the seed
all over the ground.
It might be a squirrel
so just in case
I’ve re-hung the fat-balls
in a different place!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

One of the feeders was actually broken, so I bought a new and better quality one today, filled it with seed, went to hang it up but dropped it – and guess what; it’s broken!

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