pods hang
in beige clusters.
Drab mockery of springtime


Second Bloom



Springtime azaleas
flowering in Autumn;
second bloom.


Some mindless lowlife seemed to think it fun
to strip the budding daffodils from
the grassed corner of the road, every last stem,
and scatter them across the grass to die,
depriving passers-by of springtime joy.
I salvaged what I could and now
they stand in joyful golden glory
in a blue vase in my living room.

Blue Haze

Delicate blue haze;
Forget-me-nots bloom. Springtime
mist on a dull day.


Purple honesty, seeded like weeds,
draped along the fence; a royal robe
flecked golden here and there
with glowing springtime daffodils.

The First

The first to show her autumn gold,
the sycamore now takes the lead
in showing springtime green.

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