MTB World Championships

Rebecca Leaper

Rebecca Leaper

Last week I mentioned in passing that my daughter Rebecca had come over from her home in Spain to compete in the UK National MTB (Mountain Bike) Marathon Championships on the Isle of Man, where she won the Silver Medal. I also mentioned in passing that her next race would be the World MTB Marathon Championships in Italy in September. (See Recent Rides.)

Becky has a World top 10 ranking and will represent GB at the World Championships, however she has no funding from UK Cycling. Apart from her bike and kit from ‘Coluer’ and her wheels from Sixth Element she is entirely self-funded and this is a very costly exercise. She is looking for small sponsorship donations to help fund her expenses in order to attend the World Championships and have the opportunity to compete head to head with the world’s best. You may also like to check out her blog at:

If you feel you can make a donation, however small, please click on the following link and read her story. Every little helps. Thank you.



Rise, Fall
Rise, Fall
Heels Down
On the Ball
Legs Pumping
Up and Down
Pedals Going
Round and Round
Joints and Muscles
Working Together
Do not Care
About the Weather
In Morning Air
They Start to Steam
On this Hybrid
Human Machine
Now 5 Miles Out
They Start to Sing
Sitting On This
Wonderous Thing
With Pure Intention
2 Wheeled Invention
Out From Home
Then Back Again
Thinking Only
Of the Gain
Then Trying to Walk
On Legs of Jelly
Soaked in Sweat
And Slightly Smelly
Hot Shower and Soap
With Rest to Follow
The Same Again
Or More

© Chris Leaper

The above poem is by my son Chris about his training for the Nightrider Charity Cycle Ride on May 8th. He is taking part to raise money for the UK Mental Health Charity ‘Mind’. Chris has been blogging (under a pseudonym)about the event, the charity and his preparation on his blog ‘Hats Off to the Insane’ where you will find links to his Virgin Money Giving page should you wish to sponsor him.

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