Sycamore Tree – Septolet

Always first —
Sycamore tree
splashed russet
and golden.

South facing
sunburned leaves
welcome change.


Sun Tan

Sycamore south side
facing the sun;
leaves browning with sun tan
or the first signs of autumn?

Magnolia Blooms

Delicate magnolia blooms,
later here than further south
but no less beautiful.

Cold Drive

Wintry morning,
frost ices the cars,
cold drive to the airport.
My daughter flies south.

Down South

Off down south for a family gathering.
Sleeping on the boat tonight.
By gum it’s going to be cold!

Heading South

Thin mist, like smoke,
wreaths around the tall fir-tree,
while overhead, in synchronised single file,
dark against the pale grey sky,
a line of geese heads south.

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