Knocked Sideways

Snowdrops knocked sideways
by the overnight frost.
Delicate but robust, come the thaw
they will perk up again.

Early Signs

White tips just showing,
already snowdrops push through.
Early signs of Spring.


Crocuses, snowdrops,
primroses and daffodils.
Delicate spring show.


Sheltering under
snowdrops, pale yellow faces
of shy primroses.

Green Shoots

Walking around the garden
what do I see?
The trees may still be bare but:
green shoots of daffodils appear
and snowdrops show their first white tips.
Hope of Spring is near.


Snowdrops in bud


A bright
but cold day.
Undaunted the snowdrops
demurely raise their heads,
stoic, resilient
and innocent.


Whatever life throws at us
Nature carries on regardless.
She knows when the seasons turn
and now the snow has gone,
in the rockery I find
new buds on a primrose, while
in the lawn the first few tips
of snowdrops show.


fade away.
Crocus bloom brightly.
Daffodils prepare to shine,

Hazel Boughs

Lambs-tail Hazel Catkins

Lambs-tail catkins dangle
from the hazel boughs.
Snowdrops nod in greeting
among pale primrose flowers.
Gentle breezes whisper
as the treetops sway.
The message they are sending –
Spring is on its way.

Pushing Through

delicate flowers
pushing through soil
between the rockery stones.

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