Slow thaw now complete.
No sign of snow anywhere.
I drive into town.

Blue Sky

Under a blue sky
the snow continues to melt.
I prune garden shrubs.

Ice and Snow

ice melts
and snow retreats
as the barometer rises.


ground covering
blanket fell overnight,
creating a winter wonderland.

Apart from a brief flurry before Christmas, that didn’t settle as the ground was too wet and soon returned to rain, this is the first snow we have had this winter. I’m so glad to see it, such a necessary part of winter. Already some has melted in the weak sunshine but we may get some more later today or again overnight.


Sunshine and Snow

(With apologies to the well-known song....)

The sun is a-shining,
you hang out the washing
and hey-ho, look at it snow.
You bring in the washing
because is is snowing
and hey-ho, see the sun shine!


All day long the snow fell.
Over night
the blanket of white
survived the freezing weather.
But now the sky is clear
and bright
and slowly, oh so slowly
the snow begins to melt.


Whatever life throws at us
Nature carries on regardless.
She knows when the seasons turn
and now the snow has gone,
in the rockery I find
new buds on a primrose, while
in the lawn the first few tips
of snowdrops show.


lies frozen
on the ground
deadening sound, until trodden;


Good day,
cycling in sunshine.
Today all change, rain,

Spring Emerges

And still the rain comes down,
now with threats of sleet and snow.
Strong winds bluster still and blow,
while Spring emerges all around.

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