See how the summer flowers fade,
see how the skies turn grey,
see how the berries ripen red
and leaves more golden every day.
See how the seasons turn and change
as autumn comes our way.



With fleeting footsteps summer flies
away from ever greying skies
and winds that bluster through the trees
sent swaying, gripping tightly leaves
that all too soon will turn to brown
when autumn comes and flutter down
in circling spirals to lie forlorn,
a soggy carpet on the lawn,
while we dream of summer days
glimpsed through autumn’s damp, dark haze.

© Elizabeth Leaper

Before the Forecast

Sunshine and blue skies.
I sit outside and soak up rays
before the forecast wind and rain
comes again.


our eyes meet, we freeze.
It’s early dusk and on the lawn
a kestrel tears at carrion.
Oh so slowly I retreat
but the spell is broken.
He takes to the skies.


Grey clouds and blue skies
battle it out to decide
who will rule the day.

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