While riding my bike
it sometimes amuses
to scan the hedge bases,
looking for smeuses

and the tell-tail signs,
the pushed aside grasses
marking a trail where
an animal passes.

Those gaps in the hedge
that small mammals use
the country-folk named -
they called it a smeuse.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I have always loved words, the sound of them, their use in rhyme and the fun of playing with them, especially an old word that is not often used – they need bringing back to life; if we don’t use them then they will be lost and language will be the poorer for such losses. Smuese is one such word, which I have come across from time to time and I just love the sound of it. Isn’t it fun to have a special name for the highways through hedges that little animals use?


White Feathers

A few white feathers on the lawn;
messages of hope or signs of battle lost?
Today I take the pessimistic view.

And Yet…

Cold, overcast and dull
and yet
signs of Spring are everywhere,
bringing cheer.

Confusing Messages

Intermittent bursts
of sun and shadow, warmth and chill,
sending confusing messages
the early signs of Spring
choose to ignore.

First Signs

First signs of green leaves
turning to gold, russet, brown;
Autumn gathers pace.

Un Rhes O’Draffig

Outside my house a road-works sign in Welsh.
Un rhes o’draffig = single file traffic.
Did they move the border while I slept?

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