Living Dangerously

Sleepless night, I seek a cool breeze
by the bedroom window.
Out of the shadows below
a hedgehog bumbles across the road,
living dangerously.

Long Shadows

Low in the sky,
October sunshine
casts long shadows.


No warmth in the sun.
Long shadows stretch.
Spring still grapples for grip.


Shadows stretch,
sun retreats,
days shorten,
summer fades.

Liquid Gold

In defiance of her weakening power
the sun pours liquid gold
onto the leaves of autumn
as shadows lengthen.

Shadows Stretch

Blue sky, bright sun.
Long cold shadows
stretch themselves awake.
Gone are the overnight storms.

Long Shadows

In bright sunlight
long shadows are cast,
creating stripes of tarnishing
across the golden carpet of leaves
that covers the grass.

Emerald Embers

Low sun,
long shadows stretch
menacing fingers across the lawn,
quenching the glorious emerald embers
of summer.


Searching for warmth
the shadows stretch out
to where the sunbeams fall.


Low sun,
long shadows stretch
along the line of trees —
touching, greeting, connecting.

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