The season turns.
The first russet leaves,
encouraged by the wind,
make a bid for freedom.

First Geese

First geese of the season,
heard before seen.
Such a noise,
calling to each other,
flying overhead
in ‘V’ formation.

Too Late?

Late Azalea
Too late? Or perhaps
too early? Azalea
mistakes the season.


Guy Fawkes Night

Guy Fawkes Night, Fireworks Night,
or even call it Bonfire Night,
I remember
when it was simply
the fifth of November.
Now it seems for some reason
we have to have Bonfire Season,
with ever louder bangs and crashes,
scaring cats and dogs
and small children.


Some of the shrubs I moved to new beds
several months ago
are now flowering out of season.
Did I upset them
or is there some other reason?

Noontime Sun

Facing the noontime sun
the same patch on the sycamore
is always the first to turn golden
when the season turns to autumn.

Out of Season

No breeze.
The ash-keys hang limp,
like bunches of dull brown blossom
out of season

A Question of Time

Why do other people’s gardens
always look better than mine?
With flowers in bloom whatever the season,
they’re dug over and weeded, planted and pruned.
I have to admit there’s a simple reason —
it comes down to a question of time.

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