Sycamore Tree – Septolet

Always first —
Sycamore tree
splashed russet
and golden.

South facing
sunburned leaves
welcome change.


Fairy Lights

Russet, ripe
apples hang on my neighbour’s tree
like fairy lights.

First Signs

First signs of green leaves
turning to gold, russet, brown;
Autumn gathers pace.

Mid-day Sun

Where they face the mid-day sun
a cluster of russet leaves stand out
while round them all the rest are green.

Autumn Leaves

With yarn the deepest russet hue
of falling autumn leaves
I knit a jumper for my grandson.


On my neighbour’s mature tree
the apples are swelling into beautiful
russet red globes streaked with green.
In contrast the fruit on our young trees
looks small and puny.

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