Roadside Daffodils

Roadside daffodils
deliberately snapped and scattered.
I gather them, fill my vases, so I at least
can enjoy their fleeting beauty.

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We have some wonderful grassy areas on the corner of our road, in front of our house. At the moment these are full of daffodils. But some low-life yobs seem to take great pleasure in breaking off the flower heads, some just buds, and scattering them. I can’t bear to see them lying on the ground unable to fulfil their potential so I pick them up and put them in vases. Fortunately there are still plenty growing, but everyday more have been scattered.



Female blackbird by the roadside,
hit by a car perhaps, bloodied and dead.
Are there un-incubated eggs nearby
or maybe hatchlings left unfed?


Along the roadside daffodils
damaged by the wind
lie down with broken stems
like birds with broken wings.
I pick them up, I rescue them,
bring them in and soon
refreshed, revived and in a vase
they decorate my room!

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