Life Cycle

Whenever you go away,
however brief your stay,
on your return you’re sure to find
the houseplants are dry,
the garden’s run wild,
it’s simply amazing
how the washing has piled
and dust has settled everywhere.
You rush around until you are tired
and there is no doubt in your mind
that what you need is a holiday,
you know,
however brief your stay,
on your return you’re sure to find…



The days lengthen,
the cold strengthens;
Winter in denial that
the return of the sun
has begun.


he returns.
Scuffling among roots
by the beech tree;

Rainbow Hues

Pinks, yellows, reds, greens, blues;
my garden welcomes my return
in rainbow hues.


On the eve of our holiday
I wonder if, on our return,
all the Spring blossom
will have died away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I am going away today for a couple of weeks and will likely be off-line for much of that time due to no WIFI access. I have scheduled a review of “Dragonscale Leggings” by Freya Pickard to appear on Monday 16th May so please take a look. Normal service will resume around the beginning of June.


A bit of a glitch,
technological hitch,
kept me off-line
but now all is fine
and I have returned.
So what have I learned?…

Nothing – I still don’t know what the problem was!

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