Holiday Haiku 6 + Elfje

Bright red, the poppies
growing among the field crops.
How they catch the eye.

Poppies were a constant feature of our time away travelling through France and Spain. They inspired both the above Haiku and the Elfje below. I couldn’t decide which version I preferred so have shared both.

bright red,
growing among crops
in the roadside fields.



Holly berriesRed berries everywhere
begin to disappear
as birds enjoy a feast
at the end of the year.

Distant Memory

Bright red tulips unfold;
a joyous splash of colour
driving dull, drab winter days
into distant memory.

Red and Green

Two elderly ladies
arm each other down the road.
One wears red and one wears green,
as winter-bright as a sprig of holly.


In my absence summer has arrived
with red, white and blue bunting –
preparations for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Red Splashes

Bold red splashes of Azalea blossom
push through the Cotoneaster hedge
making a statement among
the drizzle of late ruby berries.


A dozen red roses
reduced for a quick sale.
I treat myself.

Red Lead

On a dull day
a black dog on a red lead
takes his owner for a walk.

Back Home

The green leaves of summer
begin to turn to autumn’s red and gold.
Strong winds shake the trees
causing some to lose their hold
and scatter on the grass beneath —
a carpet glorious to behold.

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