After Rainfall

After rainfall
raindrops drip from branches,
petals fall like snowflakes,
fresh green leaves unfurl.



In the silence,
the sound of the drips
of raindrops and leaves
from the trees.

January Joy 29

Raindrops twinkle in puddles
as I gaze through the window
hugging a mug of warm herbal tea.

Spider’s Web

Spider's Web
Spider weave your web,
watch and dream; let raindrops thread
it with diamonds.


Raindrops, strung like pearls, slide
along the telephone wires as if
following the conversations within
before releasing their grip
to drip on the ground below.


Raindrops drumming
on the cabin roof
like the pattering feet
of a thousand small birds.


Dangling and dripping from twigs and branches
raindrops sparkle like diamonds —
Nature’s tasteful touch of glamour
on an otherwise dismal day.

Colour Me With Water

“Oh faithful raindrops
Paint your colours on the sky,
Your brush is our Light.”

Chris Leaper

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This Haiku is by my youngest son who blogs (occasionally) at


Awaking on board the boat,
raindrops like crystal pebbles lie
on the fore-hatch window,
distorting the view of clouds and sky
until I open the hatch and they roll away.

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