Black and White Cat

Friendly, visiting 
black and white cat 
plays with the falling water droplets
from the hosepipe spray.


Oh what a plight,
for the last two days
no wind in sight.
Grandson’s new kite
cannot take flight.

What can I say?
Bring out the kite,
wind’s on its way,
better luck today,
let’s go and play.

Play Day

my grandson came to play;
no tiime for my computer!

Sea Sprites

Sea sprites chuckle and play
in the foamy bow-wave spray
pushed aside by our boat
as she steadily ploughs her way
through the waves.


Tiny Tom, my grandson, came to play,
running round the garden having fun
in the sun.
the sky is grey.


“Cat!” my grandson points, begins to run.
She turns and runs away.
I wonder why she doesn’t seem
to want to play today?

Taking the Time

Someone, I don’t know who,
has left a book of 1960’s pop songs
on top of the pile beside the piano.
I couldn’t resist taking the time
to play through a few.

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