Ruffled Feathers

Usually immaculate pigeon,
breast feathers ruffled
like a scarf.

Starling and Pigeon

Starling and pigeon
fighting by the bird feeders.
Pigeon wins the bout.


At the feeders a sparrow and bluetit,
on the tree stump close by a robin sits,
low in the cherry tree a blackbird watches
and on the fence two pigeons wait,
queueing up for breakfast.


On the apex of my neighbour’s roof
a pigeon sits unmoving,
surveying the garden like a gargoyle.


A pigeon settles,
sitting on the sundial,

Breakfast Time

Breakfast time at the bird feeder;
five long-tailed tits drop crumbs
for a pigeon.


Pigeon feathers all over the lawn.
I wonder, did the kestrel return?


Two-seater pigeon branch;
lonely pigeon, just the one.
I wonder where his mate has gone?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There is a branch on one of our silver birches where two pigeons often sit side by side (the same two?). Today only one of them appeared.

Beside the Fire

The pigeon in the Sycamore tree
looks lethargic, just like me,
from where I sit beside the fire,
the cat asleep on my knee.

Crime Scene

This sunny morn,
a pile of pigeon feathers on the lawn.
No corpse, no other sign
to indicate the culprit of this crime.

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