In the Garden

Sitting in the garden watching
the bees among the lavender,
a pigeon bathing in the pond.
The sun burns down 
from a cloudless sky.

Despite the cool breeze
it is far too hot for me.
I retreat indoors.


On the picnic table
a pigeon takes a shower,
lifting a wing into the rain.


Another cold day.
Pigeon next to chimney pot
enjoying the warmth!


Strong winds have all but stripped
the leaves from the cherry tree.
Like the fledgling pigeon
they have now flown free,
and I am left feeling bereft
like the bare branches of the tree.


Who’d have thought it?
A pigeon,
king of the feeders,
by a family
of marauding starlings.


Watching a pigeon trying
to bathe in my mini pond
takes me back in time
to when I bathed babies
in the washing-up bowl!

Cherry Tree

pair in
the cherry tree
draw my attention to

A Perfect Silhouette

The morning sun picks out
a perfect silhouette —
wing raised, tail fanned,
plump body, small head, sharp beak —
of a pigeon that struck the glass
of the window pane.


Stunned by its collision
with the window,
pigeon sits on the ground
dazed but otherwise unharmed.
Checking later — gone.

Ruffled Feathers

Usually immaculate pigeon,
breast feathers ruffled
like a scarf.

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